Building & Managing Innovation

Every agile working project starts with examining your corporate culture, your business and corporate history. Especially examining your challenges in the process of continuous digitization. Solving difficulties during this journey means to empower, educate and motivate your employees in the „new way of working“. Together we develop an evidence based prototype for your future digitization. - Alongside learning agile working methods and the usage of templates. - What could you offer as customer experience in future? Where to start? Relevant questions to start working are „daily business“ and “problem based“, regarding experiences using your products, services and customer feedback. Our goal is to develop a Minimal Viable Product and a business case for approval.


Coaching & Development

Our specialists ensure your successful transformation & development with lean startup methods. Your software or product is built with the „Build Measure Learn - Feedback Loop“ and can be fully developed as an MVP within 3 to 12 months. Studio LSC earned an excellent reputation with complex products and businesses in highly competitive markets in the past 8 years.



  • Digital Transformation

  • Agile Working Methods

  • Team Coaching

  • Project Lead

  • Customer Experience

  • Business Cases

  • MVP Prototyping

  • Lab Building



Due to confidentiality towards our clients, we do not show any current or finished projects on our website. Upon request, we will gladly provide you with a login code to our references:



As a team, we define major necessities and needs regarding customer expectations and visualize these as a customer journey. Alongside we create a business case. The project team learns and practices agile working methods solving tasks to achieve an MVP simultaneously. Knowledge and practical know-how are transferred within the team and collectively updated in a product backlog. Main goal is to pitch the solution and a Business Case to a selected audience.


Lean StartUp Team

Christopher Kearney: Agile Coaching & Innovation Management, Product Development, Dr. Manoj Nimbalkar: Business Development, Tech Talent, Mark Kane: Back- and Frontend Development, Gina Mönch: UIX, Brand Design, Tianxi Li: Industrial Design and Animations, Yiran Ren: Industrial Design and Animations.
Reaching clients' goals effectively through agile working methods is based on 20 years global experience with leading corporations.